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I am asking you all to help me support my younger brother who has written his first book.  "Nothing Substitutes Time", the title alone speaks volumes. It is a book that speaks of a child that has grown up fatherless and the affects it has on the child.  This book is quiet personal to me because we have the same biological father and have both been deeply affected by this.  As a matter of a fact, I must honestly say while reading it, I had to pause as tears flowed down my face. I am the sister in the book that he mentions who shares some of those same hurts. This book isn't very long, as a matter of fact he left out a lot, by no means is it meant to bash fathers or mothers because some mothers do the same thing; but it is meant to make you think and take inventory of yourself.  What kind of parent are you, not just through your eyes, but through the eyes of the Lord and your child/children? 


My brother and I have overcome a very painful childhood and although we grew up without our biological father, we both have so much in common.  Not only do we share the same biological father; we share the same Spiritual Father and we both can tell you we NEVER WOULD HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT HIM and He is none other than the Lord, Jesus Christ who is truly our SAVIOR!!!!!  It is our relationship with our Spiritual Father that has allowed us to overcome and turn out to be who we are today.  The two of us have both been working with children all of our lives trying to mentor them and be the example that our Spiritual Father has called us to be.  We are both working in ministry, as a matter of fact, my brother is a minister of the gospel.  We are very close and supportive of one another.  We are grateful that we have a Spiritual Father that is always there when we need Him, no matter the time or the situation; He has never left us or forsaken us. 


Women, don't bash your child/children's father; I thank God my mom NEVER once did so.  She allowed me to have my own views.  I have forgiven him for not being who I needed him to be in my life and have given it totally over to the Lord. My relationship and love for my Heavenly Father will not allow me to hold grudges. "All things do work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according to to His purpose."


Fathers or those planning to become fathers, no matter what happens in the relationship between you and the baby/babies' mom, be the best FATHER that you can be.  What you do will affect the child/children in some way; whether good or bad.  I am the girl who was never able to sit on daddy's lap and have the painful memory of being my dad's only daughter but never really had him around.  It is true, "Nothing Substitutes Time"!!!!!!!!!






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