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This book was definitely a fascinating read that made me reflect back on my own childhood and relationship with my father. It gives insight on how a father/son relationship should be. The book also gave very clear and detailed principles with God. When you are done reading this book,it will cause you to have a different take on parenthood and fatherhood., reader's review

I read the book 3 times already, it is awesome. It speaks of the importance of the father's role in the child's life and the need for the fathers to step up. It isn't meant to bash fathers but it is meant for fathers to take a look at how their choices affect the children. It's a story told from the fatherless child's point of view and it affects every race, we all know of someone who has suffered from this. It challenges men and women to take self inventory because unfortunately women do this too. I wished I could have been "Daddy's Girl"; it is true, "Nothing Substitutes Time"., reader's review
This book is very inspirational. It really gives men and women something to think about. There is definitely a lesson be be learned in reading this motivational book!! I was mostly inspired with the fact that during the absence of the father the son was an ACHIEVER!! I feel that this book should be implemented into some type of program in the jails, churches, schools, male organizations, etc. It is easy to read and will hold your interest from the beginning to the end. It is a MUST READ BOOK - especially for the men!! I also liked the since of tranquility the book gave., reader's review
What an amazing book.....I received my book this morning and once I started I could not put it down. I just had to finish it. Reading this powerful and spiritual book made me think about the relationship that I had with my father as I was growing up. This book I can relate to in so many ways but I can also say that it is very important that you have a relationship with GOD..... He will lead you through anything as long as you let him and this book shows that. I do believe that it is also important to have a relationship with your parents. Having a relationship with one or both will help you in your life, especially as you grow older and have your own kids. I thank GOD everyday for the realtionship that I had with my dad and still have with my mother. MY dad was and still is my best friend even though he is no longer with us on earth... but one day I"ll see him again.. I THANK YOU MR. BOLAR FOR A WONDERFUL BOOK AND THE SPIRITUALLY THAT IT REFLECTS.....I would recommend very strongly for any person whether you have kids or going to have kids to get this book and read it.. It will make you think about life.. Its very rewarding...., reader's review

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