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Hello my name is Lawrence Bolar I’m an educator and  author of several books. My latest book is Eradicating the Saggy Pants Syndrome in America pictured below.  I’m working with a group of innovative people who are seeking novel ways to impact the lives of youth across this great nation.  We believe the youth in every community small and large, inner- city, and rural towns matter. The goal is to save and empower our youth to move our schools and communities in a positive and productive direction, with your help this mission can be accomplished!

 The reason you are still reading  is because of your motivation to help influence positive change in countless number of youth lives in all schools and communities. Eradicating The Saggy Pants Syndrome in America movement has created the Pull Your Pants Up Club (PYPU CLUB). This undertaking is more than just requesting young people to pull their pants up, but engage them with a movement that involves having a laser focus on their education, character development, esteem building, integrity, and projecting a positive image throughout our schools and communities via forms with community leaders and youth.

The dual purpose of this letter is to inform and solicit your support and active involvement with the movement. Your commitment to Eradicating the Saggy Pants Syndrome movement will foster unlimited opportunity to transform the minds of every impressionable young leader of tomorrow. Simply put, please help us encourage our youth with this movement on a local, state, and national level by endorsing the PYPU: Pull Your Pants Up Club. You may have seen our forms on channel 8news and progress index based on our prior forms held in the city of Petersburg that included City Manager and Common wealth attorney to mention a few leaders who have committed to interacting with their youth on topics like Teen Pregnancy Bullying.

Here’s how you can help:

Sponsor one or more Youth Empowerment Symposium at your church, school, or community center. Please sponsor one book for our youth for $ 15.00 and a PYPU T-shirt for ten.  Any person or organization that sponsors five or more books and T-shirts name or organization will be on our next program and their name will be placed in the book stating who the book was donated by.  The book has several salient points we believe are critical to the movement. The book describes the twenty year history of this fashion frenzy, the impact it has on the community, Dear sagger letters and the twelve states that have laws against the fashion, this trend just to mention a few points. Our pledge incorporates the reading of six to twelve books and our goal is to give every youth a free book and T-Shirt to reinforce our pledge. Thank you for your support in making this mission possible. Please see attachments.



Lawrence Bolar

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